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Jute Diversification Promotion Centre (JDPC)

Products & Services: Jute Diversification Promotion Centre
Address: 145, Monipuripara, Tejgaon

City: Dhaka-1215
Country: Bangladesh
Phone: +88 (02)9102269 ,9116731, 9101303 9116596
Fax: +88 (02) 9121523
Note: The government of Bangladesh through the Ministry of Textiles and Jute set up the Jute Diversification Promotion Centre (JDPC) on October 31, 2002. The JDPC was created with the vision of reviving the jute sector through expansion of the uses of jute by vertical and horizontal diversification, thereby improving the socio-economic conditions of all the people directly and indirectly involved in the sector. It is comprised of the following sections: Technology transfer and project feasibility section, Market research and promotion section, Design and Fashions Section, and Programme and project monitoring system. The strong threads made from jute fibre are used worldwide in sackcloth - and help sustain the livelihoods of millions of small farmers and families. The global environment consciousness is increasing demand of diversified jute products day by day. Jute is being used increasingly in rigid packaging and reinforced plastic and is replacing wood in pulp and paper. Jute and jute products are environmental friendly easy deposable natural fiber. Application of jute and jute products is not only environmental friendly, it also helps to protect environment from ecological degradation. With the growing awareness for pollution free environment world opinion is shifted towards natural products.
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