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China Bangla Engineering Co., Ltd.

Products & Services: Feed Processing Plant
Address: House No. 41 (5th Floor), Road-01, Sector-13, Uttara

City: Dhaka-1230
Country: Bangladesh
Phone: 88-01914867929, 01716752370
Fax: Not supplied
Note: China Bangla Engineering Co., Ltd. (CBECL) , is a leading industrial consultancy and engineering farm providing business consultancy and machinery supply & installation services worldwide. CBECL supplies all kinds of industrial machinery & equipment with installation and commissioning services with cooperation of China partners. There are many famous companies worldwide as satisfied customers of CBECL. CBECL , after providing a high quality consultancy services for a long time, now a trusted name to its customers. We have expert engineers and technicians always ready to suggest you the best machinery for your industry, giving a complete plan to set up a good business opportunity. Our engineers are professional in respective industries and very friendly and helpful to give you a proper suggestion to get your business modern and up to date. We are competitive, transparent and hardworking to give you the best services fast at lowest rate. --------------Skype: cbecl.bd
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